Why Beltone

Why Beltone

The Beltone Experience: Quality and Value

Beltone offers intelligent hearing aids designed for every lifestyle and budget. Every Beltone device is designed to look great and offer superior performance. With decades of research behind them, our hearing solutions are engineered to work better and match your lifestyle. We also offer flexible financing plans to make choosing a Beltone device stress-free.

Patients receive annual eligibility for prescription changes to your hearing aids. These help identify changes in hearing as well as eligibility for hearing aids. Your evaluation results will always be thoroughly explained to you.


Beltone hearing aids are intelligent devices nearly invisible to the naked eye. Our researchers are constantly working conducting extensive testing on hearing aids as wells as innovations to make hearing aids work better and fit more easily into your lifestyle.


Beltone offers hearing aids for every lifestyle and every budget. All Beltone hearing aids are designed to look great in the ear while providing the highest quality sound for your living experience. Financing plans are available.

BelCare™: Unbeatable Ongoing Care

Beltone isn’t always people’s first stop, but we make sure it’s their last. Once you purchase Beltone hearing aids, your BelCare benefits ensure that you can receive care at any of over 1,500 participating Beltone locations nationwide for the life of your hearing aids. The program includes complimentary annual hearing screenings as well as free hearing aid inspection, cleaning, and repair.


Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people.

Helen Keller

30 Day Refund Policy

While Beltone is dedicated to total patient satisfaction, we realize that adjustment to amplification can be difficult in some rare cases. Therefore, within 30 days of date of delivery, any Beltone hearing aids may be returned in their original condition, less reasonable wear, to the Beltone Hearing Care Center of purchase.


If you’re traveling and your hearing aids need service, our Beltone patient care representatives are happy to assist you. Just call our toll-free number: 1-800-BELTONE (1-800-581-5082).