2020 Hearing Consultation

Now is the time to get your
FREE hearing consultation!

Hurry! Five Days! Hearing Help as low as $35/month
(See office for details)

Dear Neighbor,

Medical professionals believe it is important for every person to have their hearing evaluated annually. Your local Beltone Practitioner is sponsoring a FREE Hearing Consultation.

Your FREE Hearing Exam will be offered for five days.

An Otoscopic exam may explain why you could be experiencing
problems such as excessive ear wax or fluid accumulation.
The entire consultation is painless, FREE, and you are under no

In addition, Beltone provides digital and OPEN EAR instruments to match your financial need, lifestyle and virtually any type of hearing loss. Now that you know, doesn’t it make good sense to CALL TODAY?

*Special cannot be included with any other offer. Hearing screenings are always free at our Beltone offices.

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