Never miss a beat this holiday!

If you haven't had your hearing checked in a while, now is the time!

That's because, for a limited time only, we are offering you the opportunity to view the inside of your ear canal! By using a tiny video camera called a Video Otoscope, we can determine if you have any earwax buildup or other obstruction that may affect your hearing.

This procedure is completely painless. Best of all, it's FREE of charge!

Don't miss out this holiday. Discover Beltone's hearing solutions and enjoy all the sounds of the season!

We offer payments as low as $30/month or financing with no interest!

Even those who believe nothing can be done for their hearing should be evaluated. Today, most hearing problems can be helped!

We want you to enjoy the sounds of life again!

About Dr. Trina Bedsaul

Dr. Trina Bedsaul, Au. D. Audiologist operates over 12 second generation family-owned Beltone offices in the Piedmont Triad and Mountain regions of North Carolina. Beltone, the global leader in hearing care and the most trusted brand for quality products and care among its patients, is offering complimentary hearing evaluations. Schedule you FREE hearing screening today.

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